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Son of Flamenco dancers, is born on the year of 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He begins his dancing studies in the “Escuela de Ballet Nacional de España” (Spanish National Ballet School), under the direction of the great ANTONIO.

1982.- “Ballet Español de Madrid” (Spanish Ballet of Madrid - GIAD -), with Jose Antonio, Merche Esmeralda, el Güito, José Mercé and Emilio de Diego.

1988.-  “Teatro de Danza Española Luisillo” (Theatre of Spanish Dance Luisillo), as leading dancer.

1989.-  “Ballet Teatro Español de Rafael Aguilar” (Spanish Theatre of Ballet of Rafael Aguilar), as a leading dancer.

1991.-  “Gala de Estrellas”, sharing stage with Peter Shaufuss, Silvie Guillén and Maya Plisetskaya.

1992.-  “Gala Géants de la Dance”, in the Champs Elysées theatre in Paris, highlighting his performance along with the ones of Patrick Dupont and Julio Bocca.

Winner of the first prize of “First Contest of Spanish and Flamenco Dance Choreography of Madrid”.

The only Flamenco dancer invited after the great ANTONIO, to the first Gala of Dance in Moscow (Red Plaza), with Maya Plisetskaya, Vladimir Vasiliev and Makarova.

1993.-  Geants of Flamenco, Champs Elysées Theatre in Paris. Adrián Galia, Lola Greco and Joaquín Cortés’ Company.

Cristina Hoyos Company, “Camino Andaluces”. Leading dancer, choreographer and dancing partner of the female dancer. World tour, obtaining important critics in every performance.

1996.-  “Adrián Galia Flamenco´s Company", Madrid Dance Festival with collaboration of the Culture Ministry, presents in the Abadía Theatre his show “En Clave Flamenca”.

1997.-  Presentation of OMEGA CD (Madrid – La Riviera), collaborates with Enrique Morente and the rock group “Lagartija Nick”.

“Paso a Paso ‘Los Palos del Flamenco’”, audiovisual encyclopedia (21 DVDs) in co-production with Flamenco Magazine Paseo (Japan). Also edited by the prestigious firm SALVAT, under the subtitle “Sentir Flamenco”.

1999.-  National Ballet of Spain, choreography for “Suite Flamenca ‘ORIPANDÓ’”.

“Adrián Galia Flamenco´s Company - Pensando Flamenco”, show released in the Madrid Theatre, being considered by the critics as one of the best Flamenco spectacles of the moment.

2000.-  The New Generations Flamenco Dance; this title led the poster of the La Maestranza de Sevilla Theatre, a show presented by Cristina Hoyos; Galia dances, directs and choreographs this show.

2001.-  "Great Gala of Spanish Dance and Flamenco", in the Madrid Royal Theatre.

Suite Flamenca, collaborates as choreographer, with the Royal Dance Conservatory in Madrid.

Creates “JASPAIN”, first choreographic flamenco center in Tokyo, Japan.

2002.-  “Great Gala of Flamenco Art", directs and dances in this show, represented in Shinjuku Bunka Center of Tokyo.

2003 - 05.-  “Great Gala of Flamenco Art", Japan tour.

2005-10.-  Antonio Gades Company. Obtains innumerable successes as leading dancer, assuming the responsibility of giving life to the main roles that the one and only Gades created for himself.

2011.-  JP Carlos / Estudio Sol (Tokyo, Japan). Currently directs this Choreographic Flamenco Center, in charge of more than 100 dancers.

2012.- Compañía de Flamencos de Adrian Galia – “El Picadero” Theater (Buenos Aires – Argentina) – revival of “En Clave Flamenca”.

Buenos Aires Master Class – Where he develops the imperative, magisterial task of instructing trimestral workshops to perfect and refine the understanding of Flamenco, with the attendance of students from all American latitudes.

2013.Compañía de Flamencos de Adrian Galia – “Astral” Theater (Buenos Aires – Argentina) “Gigantes del Flamenco" / Giants of Flamenco. A tribute “in life” to the genius master “La China”.

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